Please find a comfortable space with the goal of taking twenty minutes to ruminate on the relationship between yourself, the environment, and artistic actions.

During this meditation, we invite you to accomplish two tasks:

1.  Find, create, or discover what question or questions arise
2.  Create, modify, or document something, or leave a trace in this space

The goal is to reflect on the place through an action and a question.


Please feel welcome to take a photograph or make a short drawing of this alteration, and record the question about which you thought. We welcome you to send us the question and an image (of the thing you created, trace you left behind, or documentation you took). We will be posting images on our website; please feel welcome to include your name, and the city, town, territory, or country in which you shared the 20 minutes with nature.


Please pass this invitation to two persons, one who you know well, and one who you know less well. We look forward to seeing what they do!